Skytear board game miniatures - Ekhrit

Hi guys! Sharing one of the last miniatures for Skytear, Ekhrit, the Wind Bringer.
Only five days to their Kickstarter launch and only one miniature left from this set, which I will be showing really soon. In the meantime you can find more about the boardgame and the game mechanics here:
Concept by Kim Van Deun:
Hope you guys like it! Cheers!

"Among the Champions of Nupten, Ekhrit is the youngest and the most inexperienced, but nonetheless skilled and powerful. She belongs to the noble caste of Architects and has directed the restoration and construction of the palaces of Utsesh since she was a child. Her skill to summon winds and magic streams to move objects around her - a peculiar gift of her caste that she learned to master - makes her a powerful tool during fights to get the best Skytear sources."