Skytear boardgame miniatures sets

Hi guys! Finally I'm able to share a final render of all the miniatures I was able to sculpt for Skytear, that is finally live on Kickstarter here:

The team at PvP Geeks have been super supportive and a huge THANKS goes in particular to Riccardo Neri for the opportunity in primis and Riccardo Parmeggiani for the art direction and feedback received to push the production of these minis. Without you guys I wasn't able probably to make these sculpts, so thanks a lot for the great experience! I've learned a lot during the process, and that's the most rewording part of it!

Please have a look at their Kickstarter page and pledge if you would like to get your hands on it! :)

It was a honour to have worked with some talented guys like Kim Van Deun and Rafael Dioli

Hope you guys like the result! cheers!

Skytear: Card-driven Tabletop MOBA Miniatures Game