Skytear board game miniatures - Shafathi

Hi guys! Sharing Shafathi, the shadow dancer, one of the last miniatures for Skytear and their upcoming Kickstarter.
"A Nuptian heir of unknown origins, his history has never been traced. His deep knowledge of Skytear energy allows him to manipulate the fabric of reality, altering time and space for a limited period of time. Exploiting his peculiar nature to act as an assassin and annihilate those who hinder the inevitable expansion of Utsesh, he often leads Nupten forces during the most delicate operations".
This miniature stand on a 35mm base and it's about 45 mm tall.
More about the game:
Concept by the super talented Kim Van Deun as always!
Few more to come before the Kickstarter launch. Hope you like it!