Warcon 2017 hacking conference statue
Francesco orru screenshot 2017 06 06 16 52 08
Francesco orru warcon3dprinted

Hey guys! Sharing the final result of this work I made for the second year of Warcon, hacking conference organised by my brother and his colleagues Pawel in Warsaw. They were keen to commission me this sculpt based on the mermaid of Warsaw in the old city square.

After have managed to make some FDM and resin prints I also tested a sandstone full color print that you can see here in the shots. The one with the background is Keyshot and the other is the real statue 15cm using the 3D systems printer we have here at work. Likely enough I have the opportunity to use it also for this project and I will be happy to print and ship more of these if there will be anyone interested on this concept. Also inspired a bit from Ghost in the Shell.

Thanks for the support everyone! Hope you like it! :)